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The King of Crowns

  • Hycrown or Intermediate skirt crowns conforming to international standards of quality and specifications.
  • Approved by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, leading breweries like Diageo, Heiniken, BGI, United Spirits, Carlsberg and other major industry players
  • Manufactured from Sheets of 0.23 mm to 0.18 mm thickness.
  • The uniqueness of this crown is a transparent double ring liner, which ensures better gas retention.
  • A variety of options for product promotion
  • capacity to produce over 6 billion crowns per year on state of the art Sacmi lines.


Plastic closures with best tamper evident band in its class

  • Bevseal or plastic closures of superior design for carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices. Lead suppleirs to Coca-Cola and approved by others like Pepsi, Big Cola, RC Cola and other market leaders
  • Pioneer in CSD cap manufacturing in India.
  • Manufactured by compression moulded technology.
  • Capacity : 7 billion closures per year and expanding to meet increasing demand.
  • Bevseal manufactured to suit a variety of applications like Carbonated Soft Drinks, Hot and Warm Products and Water
Beveseal csd
  • Compression moulded plastic closures with PVC free liner in 28mm dia. Suitable for PCO 1810 neck finish.
  • Suitable for carbonated beverages. Unique TE Band for easy opening and better gas retention
  • Approved by Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other market leaders
  • Design 1881 - short cap with liner for CSD application introduced by Coca-Cola is now available. This design offers savings through lesser weights in caps and preforms.
Bevseal wf
  • Compression moulded linerless plastic closures in 28 mm dia for bottled water and warmfill products like juices.
  • Suitable for PCO 1810 neck finish. Can with stand temperatures upto 85 degrees.
Bevseal hf
  • Compression molded single piece plastic closures in 28mm dia suitable for packing of sterilized hot fill products like juices.
  • Fits on pco 1810 neck finish bottles.
Bevseal Alaska
  • 27mm light weight, triple start linerless closure for bottled water application.
  • Savings on preform and cap cost due to low weight.
  • Ideal closure for bottled water in price sensitive markets
Bevseal Aqua 29 / 25
  • 29mm light weight wide mouth, triple start linerless closure for bottled water application.
  • Further savings on preform and cap cost due to low weight.
  • Latest closure for bottled water. Approved by Coca Cola and used on Kinley Water


Roll on pilfer proof caps, The Ultimate Protection

  • ROPP Caps produced by Oriental Containers Limited are accepted widely in the liquor and pharmaceutical industries. The range includes, printed as well as chamfered closures under the brand names TOPSEAL, GLOSEAL, NEEONSEAL and Texeal.
  • Available in diameters from 20 mm and in heights upto 44 mm.
  • GLOSEAL, NEEONSEAL and TEXEAL caps innovated by Oriental Containers Ltd. protects brand image and eliminates adulteration and counterfeiting.
Topseal - Roll on pilfer proof caps
  • Printed ROPP Caps produced in 20mm to 31.5 mm diameters and in heights from 15mm to 44mm
  • Caps manufactured on fully automatic machines sourced from SACMI - Italy and other European sources.
  • Applications include pharmaceuticals, distilleries, cosmetics and products that are packed in bottles having ROPP neck finishes.
Gloseal - Top chamfered ROPP Caps
  • Printed and side chamfered ROPP Caps
  • The first innovation against adulteration and counterfeiting.
  • Winner of "Indiastar" and "Worldstar" awards for 'excellence in packaging'.
  • Available in sizes 25mm, 28mm, 30 x 35 mm and 30 x 44 mm.
Neeonseal - Top and side chamfered caps
  • Protection against adulteration and counterfeiting.
  • Top chamfering and side chamfering features makes it difficult to copy.
  • Protects brand image and promotes shelf appeal.
  • Available in 25mm,28mm,31.5mm and 29/35mm.


Twist off caps - Protects and Preserves

  • Manufactured to Silgan White Cap - USA technology.
  • Swageseal or Twist off cap is used widely for packing of pickles, jams, pastes and similar products. The sizes, offered are 82 mm, 63 mm and 53 mm.
  • Internal coatings to suit product application.
  • Caps for sterilisation and auto claving process available.Caps with BPA (Ni) coatings / liners are also available.
  • Caps are available in standard profile, V profile & with or without pop Ė up arrangement.
  • Other sizes available through our international technology partners.
  • Siligan White Cap, USA - pioneers and world leaders in twist off closures

Hytubes Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

Aluminum Collapsible

  • Hytubes or aluminum collapsible tubes are manufactured to specially suit the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  • The feature of Oriental Containers Ltd. is the capability to supply tubes with closed end with internal lacquering and latex.
  • Sizes available are from 12.7 mm dia to 35 mm dia & in various lengths.

International Division

Certificate of Registration
Certificate of Registration
Trophies and Awards
Trophies and Awards
  • Oriental Containers Limited is a Government of India recognised Star Export House.
  • Exporting products to over 45 countries.
  • Approved by major industry players like, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heiniken, BGI, Diageo, Carlseberg and other leading breweries.
  • Dedicated team of customer oriented professionals catering to needs of international customers.
  • Oriental Containers known for providing quality products and service.
Certificate of Goverment
Certificate of Goverment